Stahl Kitchens

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Developed an ecommerce store for Stahl Kitchens to help them connect their audience and deliver the best quality of utensils directly to their home.

Client :

Stahl Kitchens is a cooking utensil company, who wanted to establish an online marketplace for its customers to trade the best cooking wares direct to their home. We have helped the team develop the platform for stahl kitchens, with a smooth user interface and great user experience.

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Shopify Ecommerce Platform

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We all worked on the acquire huge knowledge on the research to create a smooth UI for the users and finalized the color themes and the site flow to help users to buy without any complication.

Gaaga Process Img 2

The team has designed this platform using Shopify using more customization rather than importing a template from Shopify Theme Store.

Gaaga Process Img 3

The team has to work on the coding part to ensure a seamless design for the Shopify Ecommerce Store ensuring a great UI.


After completing the Quality Analysis with our Assurance team, we have finally launched the portal.



Stahl Kitchens is a big brand in the Indian Subcontinent, and maintaining their portal is one of the important task by Convey U All, which our team has done proficiently.
Founder – ceo